Vitamin K for Memory


As if the lutein for eyes, the iron for blood, and the folic acid for preventing birth defects wasn’t enough. Now researchers at University of Angers in France report that the vitamin K in dark greens also protects memory. Daily dietary vitamin K intake was assessed in 160 older adults and was compared to subjective memory complaints using the Memory Complaint Questionnaire. Results showed that people with serious subjective memory complaints consumed about 100 mcg/day less of dietary vitamin K compared to people whose memory was not a problem. The researchers conclude that increased dietary vitamin K intake is associated with fewer and less severe subjective memory complaints in older adults.

Soutif-Veillon A, Ferland G, Rolland Y, et al: Increased dietary vitamin K intake is associated with less severe subjective memory complaint among older adults. Maturitas 2016; February 11th.MostVitaminKGraph


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