Vitamin D and Stroke


Researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health in India investigated the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and stroke. Vitamin D status was assessed in age- and gender-matched 239 ischemic stroke patients and 241 control subjects. The results showed an inverse association between serum vitamin D levels and risk of ischemic stroke: patients with severely low vitamin D levels had a 3.13-fold increased risk of ischemic stroke compared with those with high levels. High blood pressure was linked to this association between vitamin D and stroke risk.  The researchers conclude that the presence of hypertension aggravates the risk of ischemic stroke associated with low vitamin D levels, and they recommend that management of hypertension and regular monitoring of vitamin D levels, especially in hypertensive subjects, could help in effective prevention of stroke.

Majumdar V, Prabhakar P, Kulkarni G, et al: Vitamin D status, hypertension and ischemic stroke. Journal of Human Hypertension 2015; March 26th.


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