Supplement Boosts Muscle Strength


Supplement boost muscleA supplement of phosphatidic acid (PA), L-leucine, and 1000IU of vitamin D improved lean body mass and muscle strength in men, in a study from California State University in San Bernardino. In this double-blind study, either placebos or the supplement were taken three days a week by 18 healthy, strength-trained men who followed isocaloric diets. At the start and again at the end of eight weeks, the men were tested on leg press and bench press strength, push-up failure, vertical jump, lean body mass, fat mass, and more. Results showed that the PA+nutrient-supplemented group had significantly more lean body mass and performed better on the leg press and bench press strength tests compared to the placebo group. In short, adding this supplement to a resistance training program improved lean body mass and strength beyond the results found with exercise alone.

Escalante G, Alencar M, Haddock B, et al: The effects of phosphatidic acid supplementation on strength, body composition, muscular endurance, power, agility, and vertical jump in resistance trained men. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2016;June 2nd.


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