Southern Cooking – Deadly to Kidneys


The fried foods, sweet drinks, and processed foods typical of Southern-style cooking could be deadly for people with kidney problems, according to a study from the University of Alabama School of Medicine at Birmingham. Researchers analyzed diets of 3,972 patients with kidney problems who were not on dialysis. Results showed that those who ate processed and fried foods, organ meats, and sweetened beverages had a 51% increased risk of death during the subsequent six year follow-up. Patients who ate plant-based diets had significantly better odds of survival compared to those eating the Southern-style diet. The researchers speculate that kidney patients have an impaired ability to filter out the harmful junk in the high-fat, high-salt, high-phosphorus, high-sugar diet typical of Southern cooking.

Gutierrez O, Muntner P, Rizk D, et al: Dietary patterns and risk of death and progression of ESRD in individuals with CKD. American Journal of Kidney Disease 2014;64:204-213.


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