Put An End to Diabetes


legumesResearchers at Harvard School of Public Health have put the dietary guidelines to prevent diabetes into a simple, no frills nutshell. They conclude that diets rich in 100% whole grains, colorful fruits and vegetables, legumes, and nuts; moderate in alcohol; and low in refined grains, red or processed meats, and sugar-sweetened beverages reduce the risk of diabetes and improve glycemic control and blood lipids in people with diabetes. With an emphasis on overall diet quality, several dietary patterns, including the Mediterranean, low glycemic index, moderately low carbohydrate, and vegetarian diets, can be tailored to personal and cultural food preferences and appropriate calorie needs for weight control and diabetes prevention and management. That’s settled. Now the 29 million Americans with diabetes just need to follow that advice. 

Ley S, Hamdy O, Mohan V, et al: Prevention and management of type 2 diabetes. Lancet 2014;383:1999-2007.


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