Pre-Meal Workout


push upsA short burst of intense exercise after eating a high-fat meal might help prevent damage to blood vessels, according to a study from the University of Exeter. The underlying cause of heart disease begins in childhood with impairment in blood vessel function, which occurs in the hours after eating a high-fat meal. The researchers in this study compared high-intensity interval exercise against moderate-intensity exercise on blood vessel function in adolescent boys and girls after they had consumed a high-fat milkshake. While 25 minutes of moderate-intensity cycling protected blood vessel function, just eight minutes of intense cycling not only protected blood vessel function, it actually improved it. The researchers conclude that, “….the intensity of exercise plays an important part in protecting blood vessel function in young people after the ingestion of a high-fat meal.”

Bond B, Gates P, Jackman S, et al: Exercise intensity and the protection from postprandial vascular dysfunction in adolescents. American Journal of Physiology. 2015; March 30th.


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