Obesity Myth Busted


healthy obeseThere is no such thing as “healthy obesity,” warn researchers at the University of Toronto. The notion that some people can be overweight or even obese and still remain healthy is a myth. This meta-analysis of studies included 61,386 people total and compared BMI categories with risk of all-cause mortality and/or cardiovascular events. Results showed that even metabolically “healthy” obese individuals had increased risk for events compared with metabolically healthy normal-weight people. All metabolically unhealthy groups had a similar disease risk, whether they were normal weight, overweight, or obese. In short, even without high blood pressure, diabetes, or other metabolic issues, people who are overweight are at risk for higher death rates, heart attack, and diabetes.

Kramer C, Zinman B, Retnakaran R: Are metabolically healthy overweight and obesity benign conditions? Annals of Internal Medicine 2013;159:758-769.


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