Mediterranean Diet Wins Again!


Another study, this time from Harvard Medical School, concludes that eating like a Greek can save your life. Researchers asked 780 firefighters, ages 18-years-old and older how closely they followed the traditional Mediterranean diet rich in fish, nuts, vegetables, and fruit. They then gathered information on weight, cholesterol, blood pressures, and blood sugar levels during the subsequent five years. Results showed the more closely the men followed the Mediterranean diet, the lower their risk of developing key markers for heart disease, showing a 35% lower risk of being diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. They also had a 43% lower risk of weight gain compared to the men whose diets least resembled the Mediterranean diet.
Yang J, Farioli A, Korre M, et al: Modified Mediterranean diet score and cardiovascular risk in a north American working population. PloS One 2014;February 4th.


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