Manganese Makes News


You don’t hear much about the essential mineral, manganese, but researchers at The Chinese University of Hong Kong report that manganese could lower the risk for the metabolic syndrome, at least in men. Dietary intakes of manganese were compared to metabolic syndrome risk in adults from the 5th Chinese National Nutrition and Health Survey. The average daily manganese intake was 6.07 milligrams for men and 5.13 milligrams for women. Rice was the main source of the mineral in these diets. Of the 2,111 participants, 28% had metabolic syndrome. Results showed that higher manganese intakes were linked with a reduced risk for the metabolic syndrome in men, but an increased risk in women. Manganese intake also was inversely associated with abdominal obesity and high blood lipid levels in men. The researchers conclude that maintaining optimal manganese intake might be protective against the metabolic syndrome for men.

Zhou B, Su X, Su D, et al: Dietary intake of manganese and the risk fo the metabolic syndrome in a Chinese population. British Journal of Nutrition 2016;July 7th.


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