Kidney Stone Cure


A supplement of potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B6 might help ward off future kidney stones, according to a study from Narayana Medical College and Hospital in India. Almost 250 patients with a recurrent history of kidney stones took supplements of potassium citrate (1,100 milligrams), magnesium citrate (375 milligrams), and vitamin B6 (20 milligrams) every 8 hours for three years. Results showed that during supplementation, urinary citrate excretion rose to a range of normal to high levels, urinary pH rose significantly, and stone recurrence declined from more than three stones per year to an average of 0.35 stones per year. The researchers conclude that this combination supplement was effective at reducing kidney stone recurrence.

Reddy S, Shaik A, Bokkisam S: Effect of potassium magnesium citrate and vitamin B6 prophylaxis for recurrent and multiple calcium oxalate and phosphate urolithiasis. Korean Journal of Urology 2014;55:311-416.


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