Fried Genes


People at risk for obesity are more affected by fried foods than others, state researchers at Harvard School of Public Health. BMIs were repeatedly taken over the course of years on 9,379 women from the Nurses Health Study and 6,379 men from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study. Among those people in the highest third of the genetic risk score for obesity, the differences in BMI between those who consumed fried foods four or more times a week and those who consumed fried foods less than once a week was high. In short, the genetic link to obesity most likely led to weight gain when people ate fried foods. The researchers speculate that eating fried foods somehow interacts with a person’s genetic profile increasing the chances for weight gain.

Qi Q, Chu A, Kang J, et al: Fried food consumption, genetic risk, and body mass index. British Medical Journal 2014;348:g1610.


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