Folic Acid: Some vs Too Much


Optimal intake of folic acid might help lower stroke risk in people with high blood pressure, according to a study from Peking University First Hospital in Beijing, China. More than 20,000 adults with high blood pressure were randomly assigned to take a daily pill containing both folic acid and the hypertensive drug enalapril or a pill with enalapril alone. Results showed that over the following 4.5 years, the folic acid/enalapril group showed a 21% greater drop in stroke risk compared to the group taking only the medication. Adding folic acid also reduced heart-related death from heart attack and stroke.

Researchers at McGill University in Montreal found that feeding mice too much folic acid reduced MTHFR protein and activity levels, creating a pseudo-deficiency that resulted in liver damage, which could have implications for people consuming very high supplemental doses of folic acid.


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