Fish Oil Saves Memory


omega 3 fish oilIn the first of its kind, a study from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island concludes that fish oil supplementation improves memory throughout the spectrum of normal aging and neurogeneration in older adults. Older adults (229 cognitively normal, 397 with mild cognitive impairment, and 193 with Alzheimer’s disease) were assessed at baseline and every six months and were followed for cognitive abilities and cerebral cortex and  hippocampal (the memory center of the brain) volumes. The group consisted of 117 seniors who took fish oil supplements at the start and throughout the study, and 682 seniors who did not. Those that started taking fish oil supplements during the study were eliminated from the final analysis. Results showed that fish oil supplementation was associated with less cerebral cortex and hippocampal atrophy, as well as better performance on tests for cognitive function in all the groups compared to those who did not supplement. 

In Perspective: While dosages were not discussed in this article, previous studies show that between 220mg and 900mg of the omega-3 fat DHA are associated with improved cognitive function. 

Daiello L, Gongvatana A, Dunsiger S, et al: Association of fish oil supplement use with preservation of brain volume and cognitive function. Alzheimer’s & Dementia 2014; June 18th.


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