Diet vs Smoking – The Cancer Risk



What you eat could make or break your risk for breast or prostate cancer, depending on whether or not you smoke, state researchers at the University of Cordoba in Argentina. People were interviewed about their diets, smoking habits, and lifestyle practices, along with family histories of cancer. Results showed that in smokers, high intake of fatty meats, as well as fatty foods in general, increased both prostate and breast cancer risk up to 24-fold. Intake of nonstarchy vegetables was inversely linked to prostate cancer in nonsmokers, while breast cancer risk increased in women who smoked as their intake of sweet beverages or alcohol also increased.

Roman M, Niclis C, Tumas N, et al: Tobacco smoking patterns and differential food effects on prostate and breast cancers among smokers and nonsmokers in Cordoba, Argentina. European Journal of Cancer Prevention 2014;23:310-318.


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