Add This to Your Workout Supplements


Magnesium supplements improved workouts in seniors in a study from the University of Padova, Italy. Almost 140 healthy women between the ages of 66- and 76-years-old attending a mild fitness program were randomly assigned to take either 300 milligrams of magnesium or placebos. After 12 weeks, the supplemented group showed higher scores on measures of workout ability, including walking speeds and chair stand times, compared to controls. The researchers conclude that, “…these findings suggest a role for magnesium supplementation in preventing or delaying the age-related decline in physical performance.”

Veronese N, Berton L, Carraro S, et al: Effect of oral magnesium supplementation on physical performance in healthy elderly women involved in a weekly exercise program. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2014;100:974-981.


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